Torrin Swanson attended the University of Alberta and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. He has spent significant portions of his time travelling around the world creatively documenting best-practice city design. These past experiences in new cities has had a tremendous impact on how he approaches his creativity and digital engineering ideas. He is passionate about active transportation, communities, engaging technology, story telling, supporting the global Sustainable Development Goal #11 (Sustainable Communities and Cities), and is very motivated to help create something new in each of those fields. He focuses on working with multi-disciplinary artists, engineers, designers and passionate people to create new stories that can benefit from widely accessible technology mediums. He has built handfuls of mobile applications, servers, and websites from the ground up, of which, enables him to understand, create, and most importantly be able to explain full stack technology solutions in plain terms.

Torrin spearheads the technological direction over at @CounterPointApp, . As well he started @CollectiveTek in 2016 to help the independent growth amongst other diverse creatives. The idea helped initiate a network of like-minded professionals to leverage their own businesses and ideas.

Need help with an idea or project big or small? I offer my digital engineering services over at Collective Technologies. Will work for beer more often than not.

Here's some ideas I've been working on 👇

The Flying Pigeon Dream

Technical Artist

The Flying Pigeon Dream is a deconstructed and wired-up bicycle that responds to a number of user movements via a series of sensors to convey a sense of wonder, movement, escape and joy. One could argue that it intends to introduce the experience of winter cycling to a skeptical audience or, show what summer cycling is in a far away and better place. Or, you might say it's meant to convey something about riding bicycles that we usually tend to ignore.